I Forgot My Belt …………..

I was supposed to meet one of my nieces today at lunchtime. I like to present myself as a steady, kind and together uncle, partly due to the fact that her life has lacked steadiness and partly because I like to be seen as a ‘together uncle’.

So when I arrived at school and changed from my bike riding gear into my ‘teaching costume’ I was annoyed to find that I’ve overlooked to pack a belt. Damn …. un-together uncle is exposed! To me a nice smart belt finishes off the professional look.

And then ….. thanks to practice (meditation and the creative space it opens up) I saw myself wanting to be seen in a certain way and let go of it! My self-talk was ‘Hey, it’s better to let her see the real you. The you who can be kind and tuned in and also the self that struggles to hold it all together just like she does.’

Being real, being honest and vulnerable is, I think, essential to true growth and development. And this is true in meditation …. we start where we are …. not where we’d like to be.

It’s a gradual and deeply beautiful path toward an integration of our being. And that integration is a garden bed of peace, happiness and beauty.

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