How to get Enlightened

I was listening to a talk by one of our senior order members recently. His name is Dharmarati and he’s a craggy faced, straight as an arrow Scotsman who, for my money, drips of no-nonsense wisdom.

As Buddhists we are presented with some extraordinary images and ideas of transcendence, even enlightenment. A way of being that is so far beyond our current experience that it can feel very much out there in some other stratosphere. And he was relating a teaching from the founder of our movement that we need to understand that the way we approach that transcendental way of being is by taking ourselves on in very simple, down to earth ways.

For example we can just work on being a little less selfish. I can just be more ready to relinquish my views and preferences in all sorts of situations. I’ve noticed how dogged I can be in wanting my own way and a critical point when I recognise this and thus sit at a fork in the road of digging in deeper to my self interest or letting go …….. guess which one often wins out??

Meditation is a key. A wonderful golden key that opens a door to my best self ……….

Hope you can meditate with us:

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Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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