Being a capable person …..

We had a puja on Sunday morning just past at the croquet club. A puja is a series of devotional verses and chants usually done in call and response. It moves through stages of appreciation, reverence, confession, rejoicing and an exposition of such core Buddhist ideas as the ultimate emptiness of …… everything!

We had two readings as part of the puja and one was the Karaniya Metta Sutta – the Buddha’s seminal teaching on kindness. Interestingly he says that one should be capable ….. so how does one work towards being capable? One could say ‘Well your’re either capable or you’re not’

I think the sense here is that we can gradually train ourselves in qualities such as being reliable, clear minded, wise in what we do and don’t give our energies to and generally working toward being ethical and empathic beings.

For me it is a practice just to be capable of following though on commitments and agreements . It’s a practice to get to places on time and arrive well prepared and in a good state. It’s a practice to be capable of being a steady and kind partner to Gina and to be someone she can rely on and trust …

When we meet people who have these capacities we feel safe and we know where we stand. On that basis trust and intimacy will develop and the connections and friendships that flow are ….. delicious and life giving ……

Hope you can meditate with us this week

Sunday 8 – 9 am

Tuesday 6 – 7.30 pm




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