I don’t know if I like this word because it’s intrinsically musical or sweet or because of the connotations I now have around it ….. but the Buddha said it’s the highest quality we can cultivate.

At the moment I’m sorting through a body corporate wrangle that’s turned feral. I’ve played my part in it and so have they ….. . It’s calling on me to dig deep into my heart and mind to find the path of kindness and wisdom.

And so this morning at the gym I forwent the habit of listening to music whilst working out and listened to a talk on Ksanti which, translated, means patience or forbearance. To access ‘the gap’ and feel the anger and reactivity but not give in to it with reactivity and unskillfulness is stern practice …. but rich practice! The Buddha said the difference between giving in to anger and staying aware and in control of it is analagous to a charioteer who takes control of the reins as opposed to one he merely holds them ….

Without meditation I’m a lost cause ……..

Come meditate this week:

Tuesday 6 – 7.30 Meditation + Dharmalata’s famous chai balls with Dandelion chai tea

Sunday 8 – 9 am Hardcore meditation only + merit and freedom of heart and mind

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