Be Full-blooded Where You Are

I was riffing with Bart at the Sydney Buddhist Centre yesterday, drawn together by our brother Gianni’s funeral.

And our thoughts turned, as they often do, to the question of how we are living our lives and are they best aligned with our quest to grow and develop as spiritual beings?

Life is full of choices that determine where we are, what we’re doing and how we’re expending our precious and fleeting life. I can spend a lot of time trying to imagine the permutations that might suit me best and …… it’s bewildering! There are so many possibilities!

Perhaps the false view here is that one can get things set up just so …. the circumstances of life are continually in flux …. no sooner have we moved toward our Shangri-La than unanticipated shifts occur; both internal and external ……

So a little ‘wisdom bubble’ emerges somewhere in my psyche and it says ‘Be full-blooded where you are right now! Don’t wait until you get all the bits in the right place and in the right order’

And I like this. It says to me ‘don’t make excuses, don’t wait for perfection – get on and live the life you imagine right now! Be fully in your life, don’t fight and resist it but work in the circumstances you’re in with energy and creativity. Bring all of the awesome skills to bear that are available when we choose mindfulness, ethics and kindness and the big picture will come beautifully and richly into focus.’

Do you agree with me that meditation is a powerful support to living the best life we’re capable of living?

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