Figuring out the Right Answer ……

It’s often hard to choose the right response to situations or to know how to sort out a right from a wrong answer to situations …. agree?

In our Coogee Dharma Study Group we were studying ethics as one of the limbs of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path recently and it seemed to marry nicely with the guidelines the Buddha gave in a talk the Buddha gave to some people called the Kalamas (see the poster above).

It’s so practical …. the Buddha is saying bypass all the traditional, societal ways of assessing skilful behaviour and just reflect on what the result of our action (body, speech or mind) is likely to be. If the result of our action is harmful and discordant then don’t do it. If the result of our action is likely to lead to concord, peace and happiness then go for it!

Tidy isn’t it …..

I’m trying to apply this – making it a practice and …. it feels good!

Hope you can meditate with us this week:

Tuesday 6 – 7.30 pm

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much metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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