Pressing Pause

Padmadakini and I have been in conversation about whether or not to proceed with meditation and dharma study whilst the Covid19 crisis is present. 

It’s a tricky one because socially isolating seems to be in everyone’s interests and yet we need each other so much in times like this. And of course we need the practices of calm, steadiness and love!

So ….. we will press pause but we’ll continue to post via this website and on the other social media channels we use in order to stay in contact and offer support.

We’ve had an offer of support to run some ‘Virtual Meditation’ via a format called ‘Zoom’ so watch this space …..

As soon as the danger period recedes we’ll recommence at The Croquet Club and I’ll let you know.

Feel free to let me know if we can be of any practical support in the interim.

Much, much metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

1 thought on “Pressing Pause”

  1. Yes please do zoom if you can.
    I have just come back from Singapore and am greatly missing the sessions but could not attend anyway because I am in quarantine for 2 weeks. Doing it via zoom would be perfect. Please keep me posted!


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