So Ordinary So Extraordinary

Thanks Michael Parle for the above photo – small and precious being making offerings at your Bronte residence shrine …….

So we’ve had two online meditations together during the time of Covid19 and for me they’ve been highlights of an extraordinarily challenging period.

It’s so ordinary to stop and just be still and yet so extraordinary and so necessary.

It’s SO easy to lose perspective don’t you agree?

For me there was something so domestic and actually so intimate as ‘virtually’ going into each others homes and bedrooms via Zoom and sharing peace and kindness together …..

This week on Tuesday evening we’ll have our usual meditation together from 6.30 pm until 7.30 pm and once again online.

Kim will lead us off with a few minutes of pranayama breathing and then we’ll go into the mindfulness of breathing practice  ….

Hope you can join us by clicking on this link at 6.30 pm Tuesday March 31st

Much Metta

Dharmalata, Padmadakini, Kim and Nickolas

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