Beauty and Pleasure …..

In my weekly chapter meeting with my fellow ordained brothers we agreed to make ‘Beauty and Pleasure’ our theme yesterday evening. 

I made a few notes prior to the evening and tried to recollect things in my life that I experience related to these things ….

I recounted to them the simple pleasure I receive when I encounter the vivid red blossom that grows on branches hanging over the fence from my neighbour’s house …. you can see them above … photographed just this morning …..

I texted it to them early today and ever since there’s been a flow of follow on images sent amongst us …. rupas (Buddha figures), a short video of sea water swirling back towards the ocean (from Seal Rocks) and family and children …..

Meditation allows us to stop and notice the beauty that is around us all the time if only we will stop and notice …..

Hope you can meditate with us this week:

Tuesday   6.30 – 7.30 pm

Sunday     8 – 9 am

this link will work for both:

Much metta


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