Film Night now This Coming Saturday Night!

Our upcoming film night has been re-scheduled for this coming Saturday night as I’ll be out at our retreat centre the following week.

I’m going to share screens with you so all you’ll need to do is log in using the Zoom link to watch it with us. I would suggest using the computer with best picture / sound or even better smart TV in order to enhance the quality of the experience. If you can use a cable to go from your computer to TV that will work well. 

I trialled sharing my screen with a friend this morning and he told me the sound and picture quality was pretty good ….. 

My Soul Drifts Light Upon a Sea of Trees

Here’s the trailer:

Director: Heinrich Dahms
Country: Netherlands, Japan
Year: 2018

After losing two friends and an uncle to suicide, Zen priest Itettsu Nemoto made it his life’s mission to support those struggling with depression and suicidal behavior. My Soul Drifts Light upon a Sea of Trees follows three of the hundreds of people Nemoto has counseled as their lives are transformed by his holistic, community-based approach to suicide prevention.

To learn more about My Soul Drifts Light Upon A Sea of Trees, visit the film’s official website. You can read more about Ittetsu Nemoto in Winifred Bird’s 2014 interview with the Zen priest, “The Counselor.”

7 pm Saturday May 23rd

So have your popcorn ready (it’s only one hour long and made me cry just watching the trailer) and we can stay on after the movie to share responses if you wish to



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