What does it mean to be wholesome?

I’m just back from a weekend work retreat out at our Buddhist community’s retreat centre. 

I used a sutta Named ‘The Bahitika Sutta’ (The Cloak) as our theme. Basically a king by the name of Pasenadi, a devout follow of the Buddha, quizzes Ananda (the Buddha’s attendant and probably his first cousin) about the Buddha. The sutta outlines the core teaching of the Buddha that to find freedom we need to abstain from harming – the positive expression being to be relentlessly kind ……

This, we are told, is to be wholesome ……..

As I’ve said before ….. without meditation …. I don’t stand a chance ….

Hope you can join us this week …. we’ll probably be moving to a mixture of live (Coogee Croquet Club) and online (Zoom) sessions soon ….. Zoom has been so popular we’ll definitely continue to offer it at least once per week …. 

For now Zoom sessions ….


Tuesday  6.30 – 7.30 pm

Sunday    8 – 9 am


Dharmalata and team

Donations to support our meditation offerings and to make it more available to a society that needs it (no-one is paid for the sessions we run)

Account details:

Triratna Eastern Suburbs 
Buddhist Community
BSB: 032 152
Acct: 315 331

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