Meditation this week and another film …..

Hope you’re doing well ……..

I realise I haven’t put in a thought about meditation for a while. A thought growing out of my own practice of meditation ……

So ……. ummm…….

Something that is a bit of an ‘edge of practice’ or small epiphany for me currently is my habit of anticipating some ideal future where I’ll have all the bits of my life organised so well that I can kick back, relax and have the ideal ‘dharma life’ I imagine …….

Not going to happen!

Practice here and now …. in this moment …. it’s all we have  ……

Now ….. 

Meditation this week:

Tuesday    6 – 7.30 pm  live at the croquet club and Zoom

Zoom link:

Sunday    8 – 9 am live and at the croquet club

Zoom link:

And Saturday July 25th another film showing:

Zen for Nothing

A book called ‘The Snow Leopard’ by a Soto Zen practitioner by the name of Peter Mathieson really turned my head toward the dharma so I have a special interest in watching this film …..

Feel free to join us 

7 pm at the Croquet Club

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