Thanks to all who came along and supported our retreat on the weekend just past. A wonderful time and above is a photo of some of the lanterns created for our puja around the fire in the open air ….. wonderfully supported by Baran’s exquisite hang drum and didgeridoo ……

One of the wisdom qualities of Buddha nature is imperturbability

unable to be upset or excited; calm.
“an imperturbable tranquillity”

The archetypal image of this Buddha is Akshobya ….. deep blue in colour, a vajra in his left hand and right hand grounded by touching the earth …

If we want to develop this quality in ourselves we can:

1. See that any anger or ill will in us is our responsibility
2. Acknowledge the hurt and disappointment in us that has been triggered
3. Soften and let go of the narrative (story or stories) we create around it

and the result ….. so the tradition says …… joy!

Try it out for yourself ….. the Buddha said don’t take his word for it ……

Meditation this week:

Tuesday    6 – 7.30 pm  live at the croquet club and Zoom

Zoom link:

Sunday    8 – 9 am live and at the croquet club

Zoom link:

And Saturday night this coming weekend     July 25th

Another film showing:

Zen for Nothing

Sabine, a Swiss actress, joins life at a small Soto Zen monastery in Japan to learn more about herself. At Antaiji, Sabine learns the rhythms of monastery life, joins in work, long hours of zazen meditation, and chanting, and befriends other residents who come from all over the world. As the falling autumn leaves give way to snowdrifts and chilly winter mornings, she lets go of her expectations and embraces the daily flow of activities. The beautiful photography and sometimes difficult discoveries are interspersed with quotations from the eminent Zen master Kodo Sawaki.

Feel free to join us 

7 pm at the Croquet Club

Entry by donation

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