A Film and a Personal Share about Meditation and why I do it

I brainstormed – stream of consciousness style – some of the reasons why I meditate. Here they are:

* Makes my intimate relationship better – I take more responsibility for my behaviour and choices
* I can’t separate it from sila (ethics)
* Makes me more steady
* Allows me to stop and reflect
* Allows me to make friends with my unhelpful habits rather than feel guilty about them
* Makes me more emotionally mature
* Helps me deal with disappointment more effectively
* Makes me less reactive
* Makes me more empathic

And …….

Another Film at the Croquet Club this coming Saturday night:

Saturday August 22nd

Croquet Club 7 pm – entry by donation

Rituals of Resistance

Three generations of Tibetans have adopted distinct modes of resistance to the Chinese government’s occupation and oppression of their homeland. In this documentary, Tibetan American filmmaker Tenzin Phuntsog depicts individuals from each generation as they choose between violent and nonviolent activism.

Here’s the trailer        

Meditation this week:

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Much Metta

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