Practice is So Cool!

So today I check my school timetable online before getting on my bike. My morning ritual is tight and organised. Beginning of week three of a four week teaching block I’ve been booked for and the work is both needed and appreciated. 

But ….. no classes appear …. strange: better let my head of department know and hopefully sort it out when I get there. 

I arrive and am almost finished changing into my ‘teachinig costume’ when I pick up a voice message I had not registered whilst my phone was in my pocket as I rode across the Eastern Suburbs. ‘Sorry, there’s been a communication mix-up, we don’t need you today but we’ll have it sorted, so see you tomorrow’

Now I could go down the road of annoyance, even blame and anger and at the very least self-righteous indignation but …… there’s this really healthy and dearly valued part of me that finds ‘the gap’ …. sees the possibility of a space between what’s just transpired and how I will choose to respond. 

I smile as I take off my teaching costume and change back into the casual training gear I’ve very recently stepped out of. And I am able to see that life does this to us all the time. The world is constantly not operating on Dharmalata rules and timelines. The freedom I have is how I respond. 

As I pedal back up the hill to Bondi Junction past buses, cars and boys making their way to school to sit in lessons I might have presided over I continue to smile both inwardly and outwardly and by the time I rolling down the hill toward home in Coogee my heart is actually singing as I think of all the useful and lovely things I’m going to spend my day doing …… including recounting this to you, my beautiful Coogee sangha ….

Practice is so cool!!

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Much Metta

Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini

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