Come watch an obscure Buddhist film with me tonight

Tonight at the Croquet Club –  I’m showing this month’s free Buddhist Film offered by Tricycle Magazine

Feel free to join me

7.30 pm  Friday Oct 2nd Coogee Croquet Club

(runs for just one hour)


Director: Gulshat Omarova
Country: USA, Russia, Italy
Year: 2019

The darkhans of Buryatia, a Buddhist region of Siberia, were craftsmen and blacksmiths highly esteemed for their artistic skills, ability to work with fire, and shamanistic talent. Dashi Namdakov, a descant of darkhans, began to learn the craft not long after a Buryat shaman cured him of a life-threatening illness as a young man. Today he is internationally celebrated as an artist and sculptor. Namdakov carries on his ancestors’ ways, working with fire and metal to create art that conveys a Buddhist-shamanic spirituality and a distinct flavor of the supernatural. This 2019 film by Kazakh director Gulshat Omarova offers a glimpse into Namdakov’s fascinating life and the creative process that honors his Buryat roots.

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Much metta


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