Being present with what is …..

On the strong recommendation of a couple of order member friends I’m reading Larry Rosenberg’s classic ‘Breath by Breath’ and I’m resonating strongly with it already. 

“One place where ideas of gaining typically come in, where people get obsessive about the practice, is in the task of staying with the breathing. We take a simple instruction and create a drama of success and failure around it: we’re succeeding when we’re with the breath, failing when we’re not. Actually the whole process is meditation: being with the breathing, drifting away, seeing that we’ve drifted way, gently coming back. It is extremely important to come back without blame, without judgement, without a feeling of failure. If you have to come back a thousand times in a five minute period of sitting, just do it. It’s not a problem unless you make it into one.”

And so we take this approach into our whole life. We notice what is going in in every single moment, every experience we could judge good, bad, pleasant or unpleasant and we than have the opportunity to respond with poise, wisdom and freedom …..

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