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Film night this Saturday night 
October 24th  7.30 pm
Coogee Croquet Club

A Little Wisdom

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I’m drinking up Larry Rosenberg’s wisdom and experience as I read his book ‘Breath by Breath’ so expect to see more quotes over the following weeks and I hope you get as much from them as I do:

“In the tradition of Jewish mysticism, the Hassids believe that each person has been given a certain corner of the universe to take care of. You might be president of the United States or a clerk at the candy store, a mother of ten or a mechanic who lives alone in a small apartment, but everyone has a world, and whatever is in your life at a given moment is your world. For me, at this moment, it is trying to present these words clearly. For you it is trying to make sense of them. Our world is always present. This is our world now.

It is therefore always appropriate to ask: what is my situation? What am I supposed to be doing, right here, right now? When you’re in the car, your task is to drive. When your child comes to you with a problem, your task is to listen. Each moment has its own intelligence. Just as you follow the breathing, you direct yourself to that task. When you drift away you, come back. Again. And again.”

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