Go into that room you’ve been avoiding …..

Sunday Nov 22

So yesterday spent some time with one of my nephews …. He’s so in need of happiness and peace! His mother (my sister) – same deal! So in need of it!

And you don’t have to look far to see this is true for every one of us. Our perpetual quest to be at peace, to have a life that is fulfilling and safe. And every one of us is trying to bring this about in a myriad of different ways …. And the Buddha is saying ‘Let go …. Just let go’

And today in my metta practice I did have some sense of this, some capacity to let go to this vast, seemingly unsolvable or perhaps better, unending quest. I was caught up in my own raga, the slipstream of my own desire and its outworking but I was able to look at it, sit with it and gradually move towards self and other in what felt like a more empathic and generous way.

Actually I’ll end with this idea of ‘moving towards’ ….. It’s a phrase that’s come into my zeitgeist lately and I like it. Go into those rooms that I have learnt to habitually avoid. So on my way back from Jayakula this fella’s emerging from his garage. I’ve seen him many times before but I have developed a gentle aversion to him or at least a reservation and sense of distance ….. this time I make a quick decision ….. I summon genuine desire to move toward him ‘morning’ I say, looking him in the eyes ‘morning’ he responds and I walk on reflecting that there was a genuine warmth in my tone. Is this part of the path to happiness?

And next week there’s a set of ‘Tofu knives’ as a special offer – after meditation finishes on Tuesday evening December 1st I’m going to screen this month’s Tricycle Film Club’s free film. It only runs for 43 minutes and to me it looks compelling. Here’s the trailer and a bit of promo:

The Third Harmony

Director: Michael Nagler
Country: USA
Year: 2020

Ahimsa, or non-harming, is a cornerstone of the Buddha’s teachings. It also has driven various social movements. Through interviews with activists and experts, this film explores how nonviolent action brings about radical change.

Hope you can join us this week:

Tuesday   6 – 7.30  pm     Live and Zoom

Sunday     8 – 9       am     Live and Zoom

Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81588552473?pwd=MEpqaTRNc1ZwU05WU0ZCditSejNudz09   

And password to get in:    buddha


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