I want more than this …..

Meditation integrates us. How?

When we settle to meditate whether it be for five minutes or an hour it probably won’t be long before a subtle or not so subtle idea or urge arises for something more tasty than being with our breath, compassion or whatever it is we have chosen to be present with. 

And so we entertain this visitor to our practice and before we know it they’ve taken centre stage and have captured our attention completely. ‘Come on’ they say …. ‘join me in the delight of planning our next trip to Melbourne’ or ‘How’s about we head up to The Spot for a Soulburger at lunchtime and I’m going to suggest the plant-based, cheese burger with a side of herbed fries ….. oh yeah and a strawberry vegan shake …..’

‘Much more interesting than sitting serenely with the boring old coming and going of your breath’

We call this visitor ‘Desire for Sense Experience’ and he or she is a well known and regular visitor for most of us. 

The problem with allowing him / her to lead us away from our purpose is that they’ll do it in all aspects of our life because who they are is an embodiment of our continual quest for something beyond what is here and now. And it is here and now that we need to apply ourself to what is important for us. If I am ever to be the guitar player and singer that I want to be then I have to know how to pleasantly and firmly tell this visitor that I am going to honour the discipline of staying with my practice and I’d be happy to dialogue with them later at and agreed time …..

If I am to be a great parent and friend then I’ll need to learn to not be easily waylaid by delicious distractions. 

And meditation is the most potent working ground I’ve found for working with this area – what we call the second of the traditional hindrances to meditation ‘Desire for Sense Experience’

And ….. Askanka’s offer …..

I din’t make it clear last week that Askanka is offering her support for any elderly in our local community as dana (an offering given freely with no expectation of financial reciprocation) – so if you are aware of anyone who could benefit from some friendship and assistance from Askanka please let me know and I’ll put you in touch

Hope you can join us this week:

Tuesday   6 – 7.30  pm     Live and Zoom

Sunday     8 – 9       am     Live and Zoom

Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81588552473?pwd=MEpqaTRNc1ZwU05WU0ZCditSejNudz09   

And password to get in:    buddha


Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini


Much metta to you and thanks so much to those who have been generous in helping us to make what we offer available to more of our community –

No-one is paid for anything we do …..  we pay $380 per month for the hire of the croquet club

if you’d like to contribute please deposit to the account below:

Triratna Eastern Suburbs 
Buddhist Community
BSB: 032 152
Acct: 315 331

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