Going where there’s resistance

In our regular practice known as the metta bhavana (cultivation of kindness) I’ve long felt that the fourth stage (the enemy) is perhaps the richest. 

It’s not easy to hold someone in your mind when there’s ill will, hurt and reactivity present but Buddhism teaches that to hold onto these emotions is destructive to us and others. 

In my own experience it can be very liberating when I do manage to really let go of them. And I firmly believe that if we want to be happy and free it is essential that we make this commitment to ourself.

In meditation one of the five traditional hindrances is ill-will and of course sometimes this ill-will is self inflicted – that’s perhaps the most important one to recognise and let go of …..

So ….. seriously ….. if you want to be free and happy come along and do these practices with us …. 

In accordance with NSW Covid regulations we will be observing all current safety criteria including the social distancing, sanitising and mask wearing. 

We also have Zoom running in parallel

Hope you can join us this week:

Tuesday   6 – 7.30  pm     Live and Zoom

Sunday     8 – 9       am     Live and Zoom

Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81588552473?pwd=MEpqaTRNc1ZwU05WU0ZCditSejNudz09   

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Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini


Much metta to you and thanks so much to those who have been generous in helping us to make what we offer available to more of our community –

No-one is paid for anything we do …..  we pay $380 per month for the hire of the croquet club

if you’d like to contribute please deposit to the account below:

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