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So Gina and I arrived in Mollymook yesterday afternoon. I’ve been interested in Mollymook for years, ever since hearing that one of my ex-student’s fathers had settled here after his marriage ended. The name and it’s location on the NSW South Coast have suggested mystique and beauty. 

And it gorgeous …. just as gorgeous is the tiny township of Milton just inland with its vegetarian cafes, arty boutique shops and quaint old houses ……

But can I really settle and just be here or will I contaminate this rare opportunity with a habitual restlessness and an even anxious, neurotic urge that stops me from just dropping into what is?

Gotta go for a surf, gotta find the best spots and shops, gotta ……. hey Dhammalata stop! Just connect with what is, with Gina, with beauty, with the unexpected ….. with the ordinary that may well turn out to be extra-ordinary …

In meditation terms we call this hindrance ‘Restlessness and Anxiety’ and when it appears in our sitting practice it may have many forms but will often be an attempt to solve problems we’re facing, an attempt to unravel difficult relationships or simply an undercurrent of restlessness without a tangible focus. 

A traditional antidote is to respond to it with a ‘sky like mind’. This means to just release the restless and anxious thoughts and currents into the vastness of the blue sky. Not suppressing them, not forcing them away and not engaging with them – just letting them be like clouds in the vast sky and as we know clouds come and go with no intervention from us. 

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