A Single Excellent Night

A Single Excellent Night

There’s a sutta in The Mid Length Discourses of the Buddha by this name. In fact there are four that all riff on the same set of verses so they can be seen to be important. 

After instructing us not to live in the past and present we are urged to:

“Instead with insight let us see each presently arisen state,
let us know that and be sure of it, invincibly, unshakeably”

What I understand this to mean is to be present and awake to what is going for us at any given moment and to own it. If we have awareness of our reactions, our cravings and aversions …. our tendencies and habitual responses … then we can live creatively, respond rather than react and create fresh and liberating karma. 

Our whole experience of life will open up to freedom …..

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Dharmalata and on behalf of Padmadakini


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