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Ever wondered what that funny white thing is that Padmadakini and I wear around our neck on occasions? And what does the image repeated twice on the bottom of it mean?

It’s called a kesa which is a Japanese word meaning robe. So for us to wear our kesa is to express and be reminded of our vows to harmoniously and whole heartedly honour our commitment to live a full-blooded, uncompromised Buddhist life.

The image is representative of the three jewels; the three foundational aspects of the Buddhist life. These are the Buddha, his teachings and all those who aspire to follow him. 

One requests ordination training and then spends the next number of years developing friendships with other mitras and order members, going on retreat and working hard to develop ones understanding of ethics, wisdom and compassion. 

On Sunday April the 3rd there will be three women publicly ordained out at our retreat centre (Vijayaloka) and if you’d like to get a look into this magical and mysterious process you’re very warmly invited to joins us and witness these precious beings having their kesa placed around their neck for the very first time by their preceptors. 

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Support: The Buddhist study and meditation that we offer in Coogee and via Zoom is all voluntary and we pay monthly rental of $320 to the croquet club. If you can make a donation (suggested $10 per session) it is much appreciated. 

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