Come cook with us in your own kitchen this weekend ……

Please, please come along and cook with us this Saturday night! You’ll be a blessing to yourself and many others ……….

cook in your own kitchen with a bunch of other beautiful people ……

Meditation as usual this week both live and on Zoom

We have organised a HUGE treat for you!

Please see all details below. 

If you come along and join us you’ll become an even better chef than you already are ….. you’ll have a lot of fun …… you’ll be supporting Carin’s beautiful practice and you’ll be helping us to offer the beauty of meditation and ethical living to more and more people ……

Please initially register your interest using the links Carin has provided below and more details re. how to log on and what ingredients you’ll need will follow.

Much Metta



You are invited to a very special fundraiser Online Cooking Class Saturday 26 March at 8pm Sydney time—for the Sydney Coogee Buddhist Centre sangha in Australia!I know that Ukraine needs our help right now, and I will donated money to them from my Just Dance Sunday morning community dance event here in Stroud, as well as with by donations (for Ukraine) Online cooking classes BUT this event was planned before the war broke out the way it did, and I’m still going ahead because I think this is a worthy cause not just in general but especially right now!We are raising money so that they can create their own premises from which to share The Buddha’s teachings and practices in Coogee, Sydney, Australia.And we are going to help by cooking together and donating half the proceeds to ‘The Coogee Buddhist Centre Building Fund’. WHENThis class is timed for all you dear people down in Sydney. Europeans can of course join too, but it will be 7am on a Saturday.
 WHATWe will make PLANT-BASED and GLUTEN-FREE healthy and delicious food.Pesto Pasta is on the menu, with all the trimmings!It is a recipe that can easily be adjusted to another season and availability. It’s also easy, quick, economic and oh so tasty!
Imagine:Your choice of pasta, I prefer buckwheat pasta.Your choice of greens, from rocket, parsley, to even coriander, spinach, kale, but of course basil is ‘best’ or a mixtureYour choice of nuts or seeds, I like pumpkin seeds or almondsYour choice of protein: choose from tofu or tempeh, even a tin of butter beans, or leave it out all together.Your choice of vegetables steamed and mixed through, choose from broccoli, beans, kale, but even cabbage and carrot, capsicums, mushrooms or pumpkin is divine mixed through pesto pasta.Olives, chilly, toasted pine-nuts or some vegan parmesan is a delicious garnish too.You get the gist.You can keep it super simple by only making the pesto and having it with your desired pasta,Or you can join the extra fun and fry up some protein, steam some extra veg to pimp up your dinner with all the trimmings.For dessert?If you’ve still got it in you then you can join me in making something sweet: Love-Filled Bliss Balls with Rosehip and Hibiscus, but they are so pretty and pink they could be called Love Balls too. 
HOWWe will bring mindfulness into our cooking:Breathing deeper, practicing gratitude and relaxing more than usual, slowing down and closing our eyes before eating, to connect to ourselves and the universe, and we will of course dance too!We will talk about how foods effects our mood.What foods help us humans to be more balanced and grounded?….and more!To book click hereto send me an email.WHOYOU are invited! Bring your friends and family along.Please help spread the word.The more the merrier. Cooking and sharing food is so much better with another, two or more.WHYLet’s make a difference by cooking healthy food together, for ourselves and our friends or family, and raising funds for the Coogee Buddhist Centre sangha at the same time.To book click hereto send me an email. Cook with you soon?Maria-Carin Gala
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