Something different this week …..

This week after meditation I’m going to show a film. It’s part of the Tricycle Magazines’ Film Club’s monthly offering. So once meditation finishes at 7.30 pm you’re warmly invited to stay on for a viewing:

Shugendō (The Way of Acquiring Power) is a form of Japanese mountain asceticism that incorporates ritual from traditions including Daoism, Shintō, shamanism, and Tantric Buddhism. The mystical teachings and practices of Shugendō emphasize the interconnectedness between sentient beings and the natural world, and call for practitioners to connect with this truth through direct contact with the earth. 

In this poetic documentary feature, follow along with a group of modern practitioners as they journey into sacred mountains and seek to integrate the nature-based practices of Shugendō into their modern urban lives. 

Trailer here

Meditation This Week:

Tuesday   6 – 7.30  pm      Zoom and Live
Shugendo Now Movie showing 7.30 – 9 pm all welcome
Sunday     8 – 9       am     Zoom and Live

Password: Buddha

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