I’ve had a lot on my plate of recent times and a result I find my mind casting about and busy as I sit by candlelight to meditate at 6 am.

The way I deal with this is to just remain quietly, allowing a space for my mind’s need to try and ‘work it all out’. On a pragmatic level it’s quite useful as small insights and angles on the various challenges and dilemmas arise. Sometimes I’ll even reach for my diary that sits on the desk behind me and jot down something so that I can ‘put it down’ knowing that it has been captured for later attention.

And I think most importantly in this process is the simple act of noticing what is going on. Seeing my being’s quest to make sense of things, to find a way to live that is satisfying and life giving and, most importantly, to see it in kind and spacious context.

I think we should never underestimate the value of this noticing. To give ourselves permission to stop, sit in a unconditionally loving space and just be with ourself is, perhaps, the very best thing we can do for ourself and then inevitably, others.

Much Metta


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