Meditation this Week

And now that I’m at my computer ….. I’d like to trawl my consciousness for some ‘little gem’ from my own efforts with meditation to share with you and encourage you ……. umm …..

Well, in some ways it may be not be realistic to assume meditation will make one’s life easier ….. there are many thing both self chosen and imposed on us that we’ll have to deal with and no amount of kindness and clear-mindedness can obviate it – but, as someone said to me recently ‘we have very powerful and clearly understood tools with which to respond with’ …… and this can completely change the experience we have with the challenges ….. in fact, I would say based on my own experience that every single ‘life hiccup’ can become a rich and satisfying learning experience …..

If we pay attention!

Tuesday     6 – 7.30       pm     Zoom only

Sunday.      8 – 9            am Live and Zoom

Password: Buddha

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