Coogee Retreat 2022

Coogee Retreat 2022

Friday June 10th – Monday June 13th

The towering image above is of Padmasambhava. It’s over 37 metres tall and sits overlooking Rewalsar Lake in Pradesh India. 

Padmasambhava is revered in many schools of Buddhism as he is reputed to have enabled the establishment of the dharma (the Buddha’s teachings) in Tibet upon the invitation of King Detsen. At the time Tibet was a wild country, full of ‘red faced warriors’ where demons ran amok, smashing down any attempts to bring peace to the country. 

But how did Padmasambhava tame the demons? Not by force or manipulation but by naming and befriending them. And herein is a wonderful teaching for everyone who wishes to work with their own being towards true and deep contentment. 

If we want to understand ourselves at a core level and make the shift away from the habits that erode our happiness and move toward beauty, security and true fulfilment then we need to get to know and make friends with our demons; those habits both conscious and unconscious that pull the rug out from under us. 

Our Coogee retreat coming up on the June Queen’s Birthday weekend is going to use the Padmasambhave myth as a theme to explore the above in our own lives. It will be a time of collective practice that supports the growth of you as an individual. 

All levels of experience (from zero to highly experienced) are welcome. We’ll have a rich program of meditation and study infused with spacious periods of relaxation so that you can kick back, drop into a lovely peaceful space and deepen connections with yourself and each other. 

We’ll really explore Padmasambhava in more depth and learn more about his life, his female consorts and even bring him into our pujas and meditations.

I’ll send out more about the retreat over forthcoming weeks but I REALLY hope you’ll put this weekend into your diary and come along for a gorgeous, rich weekend at Vijayaloka, our beautiful retreat centre on the banks of the Georges River. 

You can secure your place by using this link and also get more information about our facility.  You can use indoor accomodation options or bring a tent and find your own lovely spot to enjoy the bush setting.

Feel free to email back with any questions

Much Metta

Dhammalata and Padmadakini

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