The Cetokhila Sutta

Greetings from Vijayaloka, our rustic and beautiful retreat centre on the banks of the Georges River. Padmadakini and I are both out here for an order convention. Beings set upon enlightenment are gathered from the UK, New Zealand and Australia; gentle magic is happening ……

We’re using the Cetokhila Sutta (Wilderness of the Heart) as our inspiration. In this sutta the Buddha instructs that unless we free ourselves from the shackles of uncertainty in our teacher, our path and double mindedness, real progress toward freedom is impossible. The upside, and the one we’ve been focussing most on, is that if we cultivate their opposites, such as purity of mind, energy, receptivity and enthusiasm then progress is assured. He ends the teaching with the metaphor of chicks hatching from eggs. If the conditions are in place (above positive elements) then the chicks (us) will be assured of hatching with no need for any external force or coercion. 

What does this mean for each one of us? Honour your aspiration to practice wholeheartedly, keep attending to your ethics and ….. keep meditating and reflecting. 

Whilst on this matter and whilst out here at Vijayaloka – I want to warmly invite you to book onto our June retreat on the Queen’s Birthday weekend. This retreat is for everyone and will be all the richer for your company. The theme is ‘Taming our Demons’ – gently looking at the aspects of our behaviour that need to be better understood and lovingly transformed in order to liberate us to a life of joy. 

Here’s a link with a bit more practical information and booking tab:

And meditation is on this week as usual both live and Zoom

Meditation This Week:

Tuesday   6 – 7.30  pm      Zoom and Live
Sunday     8 – 9       am     Zoom and Live

Password: Buddha

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