Feel this moment
In the quietness of meditation, we get in touch with ourselves. It is an opportunity to find out what’s really going on behind the endless stories our mind creates. I think this is an important part of what we call insight. It’s the opportunity for the dust to settle, and as we sit, just sit, without going towards, without moving away from our experience, we get little (or big) ‘aha’ moments.
An incident, a memory or an interaction we’ve had might arise unbidden in our consciousness and as we allow it to be there in this still moment, supported by very gentle, unconditional care it unfolds to us and we are given a gift; the gift of a new way of being in relation to it.
All that’s needed for this gift, is to allow ourselves to feel each moment. Not to go looking for it and, as is so often my habit, then try and squeeze the life out of it but rather just to consciously be soft, receptive and open to whatever arises.

Meditation This Week:

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