A Way to work in the Metta Practice

A way to work in the metta bhavana

How we cultivate kindness or, perhaps more usefully, how we open to kindness is a bit of an art. We know the traditional phrases ‘May I be well, may I be happy, may I be free from suffering and at peace’ and these are an excellent guide and scaffold. But of course we need to go beyond a mechanical repetition and somehow evolve a practice that changes the way we are.

If the practice is to serve us, and thereby others, we need to find ways to work in the practice that open us to the whole experience of being alive and gradually allows us to recognise and honour our own and every other being’s quest to be happy, healthy, free and at ease.

Increasingly I’ve made it my practice to just be present with myself and others when doing the metta practice. By that I mean letting go of any need to generate anything but rather just opening my awareness to take me or them in. I love the phrase ‘looking with kindly eyes’. If we just stop all other mental activity and just gently gaze at them all sorts of things begin to occur to me.

For example this morning when I put my dear old Mum into the neutral person stage (she was actually sort of woven into the good friend and neutral person stage) I was present with her as she made, what for her, was a challenging trip to the Optus store to try and sort out her mobile phone and compassion naturally arose as I recognised at a deeper but very practical level, how difficult it is for her as age makes what used to be so mundane, a confusing, frustrating and even frightening activity.

When motivated by kindness, we just gett in touch with self and other and really create the space to be with them ……. Something magical and beautiful happens.

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